Manpei Suzuki Diabetes Foundation, Tokyo, Japan

Scope of Nomination Application

Nominations in English can be accepted from any country. One prize winner will be selected from nominations received in that year. For subsequent years, a re-submission will be required for consideration in that year.

Scope of Nominator

Members of ADA, EASD, JDS or other publicly recognized societies of related fields can submit one nomination application per person per year. Each nomination application will require one supporting letter from someone who is familiar with the work of the nominee and who is also a member of the above-said societies. Self nomination is not acceptable.

Scope of Nominee

The prize will be awarded to one researcher in diabetes who has been nominated as described above. Previous prize awards are not considered.
However, any of a member of the Selection Committee of this Prize as well as a director, an auditor or a councillor of the Foundation shall not be eligible for a nominee.

Awarding of Prize

Certificate of Honor, US$150,000 prize and Japanese objet d'art to one individual.


1. The Selection Committee reviews all applications
 and decides on the prize recipient.
2. The prize recipient and nominator are notified.
3. A public announcement is made.