How to Nominate
A nomination is comprised the following parts, written in English.
  (1)   Contact information of nominator, nominee and one person contributing a supporting letter
  (2)   Summary of scientific achievements of nominee
  (3)   Citations of primary published works of nominee
  (4)   Recommendation of nominator explaining why the achievements of the nominee represent a major advance in diabetes research
  (5)   Curriculum Vitae of nominee sent as a hard copy or electronic PDF to
  (6)   One supporting letter from person listed in (1) sent as a hard copy or electronic PDF to
  • Nomination elements (1), (2), (3) and (4) can be submitted through this web site directly in the Web form. Alternately, you can send us a PDF that can be filled in with Acrobat Reader 7.0 and above and send it as a PDF attachment by email to:
  • The Supporting Letter and the CV can be sent by email or regular post. Please see the Contact Us page for the address of the Foundation.

Confirmation of Receipt
  • The nominator will receive confirmation of receipt of the nomination form.
  • Subsequent confirmations will be sent after receipt of the supporting letter and CV.
  • Please keep a copy of all documentation for your own reference.

Note: PDF Reader 7.0 and above is required for filling in the PDF Nomination Form.