Winner of the 2018 Manpei Suzuki International Prize

Phillip E. Scherer, PhD

Phillip E. Scherer, PhD

Professor, Department of Internal Medicine
Gifford O. Touchstone Jr. and Randolph G. Touchstone
Distinguished Chair in Diabetes Research
Director, Touchstone Diabetes Center
The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Dr. Phillip E. Scherer will be awarded a Certificate of Honor, US$150,000 and a Japanese objet d’art at the award ceremony on March 6th, 2019.

The Selection Committee highly recognized his pioneering contributions to identifying adiponectin, and to discovering this adipokine’s insulin-sensitizing, anti-diabetic function and the molecular mechanism behind it, all of which, together with his recent scientific achievements, have both deepened and widened our understanding of diabetes,obesity and energy homeostasis.

Dr. Phillip E. Scherer was therefore selected a Prize winner of this year.

~ 2018 Selection Committee Members ~
Dr. Hiroshi Yamamoto (Chairman)
President, Komatsu University
Professor Emeritus, Kanazawa University
Dr. Toshihiko Yada
Director, Center for Integrative Physiology, Kansai Electric Power Medical Institute
Visiting Professor, Kobe University and Jichi Medical University
Dr. Takashi Kadowaki
Project Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo
Full-time Visiting Professor, Mizonokuchi Hospital, Department of Medicine,Teikyo University
Dr. Jeffrey M. Friedman
Professor, Rockefeller University
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Dr. Susumu Seino
Professor and Chairman
Endowed Professor and Chair, Division of Molecular and Metabolic Medicine,Department of Physiology and Cell Biology,
Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine